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Guillaume René

Software Engineer


phone: (415)696-9231


  • Master of Science, Computer Science, ENSEA, Cergy, France, 2010 (with highest honors)

  • Two-year highly intensive undergraduate courses to prepare the competitive entrance to the top French Engineering Schools “Grandes Ecoles” (CPGE), Lycée Louis Pasteur, Neuilly, France, 2005-2007

Work Experience

2011 - present, self-employed Tech Monk

  • Assembled a team of engineers to work on retro-style video game projects in Python/C/C++/Lua during their spare time.

  • Coded a concurrent coroutine-based Lua framework for 2D video game programming (hardware accelerated graphics, windows, events, sprite loading, sounds, network, realistic physics) using LuaJIT’s FFI (Foreign function interface) and bindings to C libraries.

  • Administered a Linux dedicated server hosting a dozen websites (Debian, NGINX, PHP-fpm, Python WSGI, gevent, WebSockets, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis).

  • Learned all recent technologies compulsively (Node.js,, MongoDB, Redis) by using them in personal projects, usually one-page realtime web apps.

2010, Web software engineer, Smart&Geek, a web/mobile startup

  • Directed evolutions of a huge PHP web platform (Weavlink), both front and back ends, modernizing the look&feel, allowing Flash video integration, streamlining the sign up process, optimizing database calls, upgrading PHP version and servers.

  • Took the lead on the trivia facebook app “le Défi des Prépas” as a math expert to implement the Glicko rating system(PHP/Zend Framework). This allowed a rigorous selection of 5 winners (among 1300 players) who advanced to a subsequent television show.

  • Coded Python scripts to enable a big website ownership transfer (~10k files, huge database and thousands of images).

  • Developed a specialized web platform for Rouen Business School, interconnecting their CV database with our platform, to provide statistics for the school and automated customized e-portfolios for the 4200 students.

2009, PHP developer, Weavlink, a social media platform & web startup

Weavlink is a Facebook-like web platform connecting dozens of multinational companies with ~30,000 students from the top universities and business schools in France.

  • Developed evolutions of the platform in PHP/SQL: better integration to other social networks, event calendar, summaries and tag clouds, moderation tools.

  • Consumed RSS containing job offers to integrate them into Weavlink.

  • Implemented wefolios, giving the possibility for users to create professional configurable e-portfolios aggregating information from various social networks.

  • Developed official Facebook pages for multinational companies using proprietary Facebook languages.

  • Designed and implemented a registration website for the national “Semaine pour l’emploi” (Employment week), using jQuery and AJAX calls to retrieve company descriptions, in association with the French national television (France 5) website.

Personal projects

  • Created and managed a social PHP web platform for amateur novel writers and their readers, ~5,000 unique visitors/month, and 2 or 3 new authors every week.

  • Writing a (mostly) technical blog on Math/Tech/Programming/Culture/Music.

Note: I have French/American dual citizenship, no visa required.